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* March 26, 2022 *

1a) Certain COVID-19 events during the past month should be of concern.

1b) As I mentioned last month, I was shocked to see the high death counts from Omicron in the USA at

1c) Since then, it dawned on me that the news media reported Omicron to be "mild" before it arrived in the USA. Then, the same news media never corrected themselves when tens of thousands people in the USA died of Omicron.

2a) [FUTURE of COVID-19, BASED ON THE PAST] President Joe Biden, during his State of the Union Address on March 1, 2022, said people will be able to get tested for COVID-19 at pharmacies.

2b) If tested is positive, the person will get Pfizer's new COVID-19 pill that is "up to 90% effective" in preventing hospitalization and death right there at no cost. That all sounded great, except possibly for the "90%".

2c) Beware of what happened with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Back on 2021, major news stations reported that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine was "95% effective at preventing cases of COVID-19" based on Phase 3 trials.

2d) Then in 2022 post-analysis, news reported that it was only 40% effective and in some reports, only 15-20% effective. Furthermore, the Pfizer vaccine efficacy waned after 6 months, after the second shot. (See links below.)

3a) Note that it is not possible to spiritually dowse any drug for being "up to 90% effective" or with any other percentage. Via spiritual dowsing, Pfizer's COVID-19 Paxlovid pill drug is "45% effective on average" in preventing hospitalization and death.

3b) This drug will only be 35% effective with the "Ultimate COVID-19 variant" (via spiritual dowsing), but drug is still worth taking.

3c) The "Ultimate COVID-19 variant" will be approximately 2.5 times more deadly as the COVID-19 variants involved in the first surge during Spring 2020 in the USA (25% compared to 10% deadly without any medical help).

3d) That means the "Ultimate COVID-19 variant" can kill approximately 2.5 x 65% = 1.625 times the number of people (without any medical help) who died during the first surge during Spring 2020, with the use of Pfizer's new Paxlovid pill drug.

3e) Of course, natural immunity and vaccines should lower that number considerably so that the number of deaths might be lower than during Spring 2020 first surge in USA.

4a) Also, note that the Paxlovid drug needs to be taken within a certain time period after getting infected with COVID-19 to be effective.

4b) Furthermore, consider how COVID-19 variants are becoming more highly transmissible and their potential impact at pharmacies, that will inevitably become prime locations for contracting COVID-19. Masks may not help. (See 5b and 5c below.)

4c) Here in Connecticut, most pharmacies are within big stores with high foot traffic including Walmart, Target, Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Big Y, Price Chopper. besides CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. See 5c below.

5a) [OMICRON BA.1 and BA.2] During the past month, COVID-19 cases have surged (5th wave) in Hong Kong. The death scene in Hong Kong in March 2022 has been similar to the one in Italy in March 2020.

5b) Omicron has also surged in many major cities in China including Shanghai and Shenzhen. It was reported to be the worse in China since the beginning of the pandemic. How?

5c) In China, people have the most experience in using face masks as they did during flu seasons before the COVID-19 pandemic even began.

5d) So, the most important question to ask at this time (March 2022) is "How is the Omicron variant more highly transmissible?" The world needs to know.

5e) There have been ridiculous theories including people expelling more viruses, stealth immune evasion,.... Also, the ability of the virus to replicate faster does not affect transmissibility, in terms of the number of people who get infected.

5f) Fortunately, it has more or less been scientifically confirmed that Omicron can infect nasal membranes. Previous variants could not.

5g) Omicron variants can infect the nasal membranes, requiring only one receptor rather than two receptors in the lungs (ACE2 and TMPRSS2). This is true (via spiritual dowsing).

5h) However, that doesn't fully explain how the Omicron variant is 40% or so more transmissible than other COVID-19 variants because air travels all the way down into the lungs via the nasal passageways even with shallow breathing.

5i) One breath can inhale dozens, if not hundreds of COVID-19 coronaviruses. So, odds are overwhelming that lung infection happens along with nasal membrane infection with normal breathing.

5j) I now offer my MasterBlogs theory on exactly how Omicron is more highly transmissible, when face masks are used. As far as I know, this has never been reported yet.

5k) The recent outbreaks in China support, if not confirm my theory.

5l) Covid-19 coronaviruses, in particular ones that piggyback on particles in the air, have trouble making it through face masks.

5m) The viruses that get through the face masks are often slowed down so that they never make it into the lungs nor the windpipe. They end up on the inner surfaces of the nose, nasal cavity and mouth.

5n) So, that means that all face masks are not as protective as they use to be. You really need to wear the best (N95) face masks available, going forward.

6) [Omicron BA.2] News reports in some countries overseas have begun to label the Omicron BA.2 subvariant as "STEALTH Omicron" because it supposedly avoids being detected by some COVID-19 tests.

7a) Omicron BA.2 subvariant infections have also been on the rise in Europe and USA, recently in the New York City area. So, the pandemic is clearly not over, as some experts predicted weeks ago.

7b) However, Omicron BA.2 is unlikely to cause a major surge at this time because of all of the natural immunity from BA.1 and other variants as well as immunity via vaccines.

8a) [DELTACRON] A hybrid of COVID-19 Delta and Omicron variants has appeared in a few places in Europe and USA. Deltacron has a similar death rate as the Delta variant, but is 20% more transmissible (via spiritual dowsing).

8b) At the present time, the Deltacron variant is the most likely variant in which the Ultimate COVID-19 variant will come from.

9a) [Ultimate COVID-19 variant] Hopefully, it never arrives. However, if it does, sooner may be better. Why?

9b) Remember natural immunity will last 3 years on average (via spiritual dowsing) and will be waning for all of the people who got infected during Spring 2020 first surge in the USA.

9c) Also, remember how only old people got hospitalized and died, while younger people were either asymptomatic or only had very mild symptoms during Spring 2020. With the "Ultimate COVID-19 variant", people of all ages (even babies) could end up in the hospital and die.


Pfizer: Full vaccine results indicate its Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective - Nov 18, 2020

Vaccine Efficacy Numbers, Explained | WSJ - Sep 8, 2021

Pfizer data show vaccine efficacy wanes after 6 months - Jul 29, 2021

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* February 19, 2022 *

1) Since my last blog entry on September 25, 2021, nothing has been worse than before. Now, making an entry as we approach the two year anniversary (March 11, 2020) of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2a) [END OF PANDEMIC???] About a month ago in January 2022, reports started circulating that the experts say the "pandemic" was ending and COVID-19 would become "endemic". Several days ago, Dr. Anthony Facci, USA's leading expert on COVID-19 also said the "full blown" pandemic was coming to an end.

2b) You can call it whatever you want: pandemic, endemic, "pandemic/endemic" or reclassify the event to be whatever is desired. Unfortunately, another COVID-19 surge or wave like the three previous ones in the USA can happen again.

3a) [OMNICRON} Before the COVID-19 Omnicron variant surge happened in the USA, the news reported that it was "highly transmissible", but "mild". Yet, the daily death count graphs at indicate the number of deaths during 3rd wave Omnicron surge to be shockingly high for a mild variant in the USA.

3b) It is worth noting that the death rate for the Omnicron variant is 9% without medical help (via spiritual dowsing), compared to 10% for the variant involved in the first wave back in March 2020.

3c) In places where there are few deaths per COVID-19 Omnicron cases must be due to other factors including partial immunity. Also, note that the Omnicron variant affected more kids and made them more sick than previous variants.

4a) [MORE NEW VARIANTS? YES] Remember COVID-19 is an all season viral disease. It will not go away until there is really herd immunity worldwide.

4b) So, COVID-19 viruses can continue to mutate in people throughout the world. Also, based on past experiences, it is highly probable for all new COVID-19 variants to eventually arrive and spread across the USA.

4c) Furthermore, there can be new COVID-19 bi-variants (and multi-variants). People can become infected with two (or more) different COVID-19 variants at the same time and give rise to a new bi-variant, which will always be a better variant than any of the input variants.

5a) [DEER] About 6 months ago, there were reports of finding the COVID-19 virus in white-tailed deer across the USA. The COVID-19 virus in deer can be transmitted back to humans. Also, it is possible for the COVID-19 virus to mutate in deer.

5b) Some reports also mentioned finding the COVID-19 virus in pet hamsters.

6a) {VACCINES] Despite all of the work on vaccines, there has been limited success. Besides false (or at least, somewhat false) information, there are some legitimate concerns.

6b) First, the COVID-19 vaccines may have some really bad negative side effects, but these effects rarely occur statistically. For example, the latest negative effect reported is that COVID m-RNA vaccines cause myocarditis in young adults, but only one in approximately 14,000 (higher than normal).

6c) However, there was no mention or consideration of the fact that the COVID-19 viruses in some people cause heart problems as well as other long-term COVID-19 symptoms and even death.

6d) People should consider everything in deciding to get a COVID-19 vaccine. It does seem that most medical personnel and government officials get a COVID-19 vaccine.

6d) Second, we now know that the COVID-19 vaccines work only for several months and afterwards, require booster shots.

6e) Third, the second dose of m-RNA vaccines is said to cause mild illness symptoms for a day or so. Does the same happen with booster shots? If so, some people may not want the booster for that reason.

6f) [NEW VACCINE] I wrote over a year ago (on February 3, 2021) that Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine was one of the six good ones. This vaccine is made using traditional vaccine technology.

6g) About one month ago, Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine received approval by the EU. A few days ago, it got approval in Canada and Singapore. Yet, no approval in the USA. Makes you wonder if people at the FDA got paid or not to approve/disapprove/delay Novavax's vaccine??

7a) [NATURAL IMMUNITY] There have been a number of new reports confirming natural immunity. However, as I wrote previously, natural immunity will last only three years on average (via spiritual dowsing).

7b) Remember on April 3, 2020, it was reported that someone got re-infected (less than one year later) in China.

7c) Also, remember the Israeli study finding natural immunity was better than immunity via vaccination. So, proof of a positive COVID-19 test result should be accepted in lieu of a vaccination card, both of which have unknown expiration dates.

8a) BEWARE as COVID-19 viruses mutate, there is less and less natural immunity for COVID-19 variants on other different branches of the COVID-19 tree (via spiritual dowsing).

8b) It is possible (16% probability via spiritual dowsing) for a new COVID-19 variant to develop via mutations that offers no natural immunity at all against a variant on a different branch, including variants arising in deer and other animals.

9a) [FACE MASKS] A few months ago, two studies (Danish Study and Bangladesh Study according to Dr. Drew) indicated that the use of face masks were only 15-20% effective.

9b) In my November 22, 2020 entry, I gave effective percentages for various types of face masks. Now, note that face masks must be properly fitted with no open spaces around the face in which outside air can be sucked in.

9c) Also, face masks need to be worn when standing right next to people outdoors. If you are unmasked and right next to an unmasked person exhaling COVID-19 viruses outdoors, you can catch COVID-19 (esp. if you are shorter in height).

9d) In January 2022, the Federal government gave out millions of N95 masks for free across the USA, which implies such masks are really useful in protecting people from catching and/or spreading COVID-19.

10a) The probability of COVID-19 coronaviruses mutating to avoid immunity is 0% (via spiritual dowsing). It is normal for immunity to wane due to various conditions. You can see how immunity via vaccination waned during the COVID-19 Delta surge.

10b) Immunity is totally dependent on the health and functionality of each individual person's immune system, which can be rated 0 to 100%.

11) In the event the "Ultimate" COVID-19 variant arrives, lockdowns can save lives. However, lockdowns should be limited to 3 weeks in places in the USA. There is clearly a tipping point, when lockdowns can cause more harm than good.

12) There is a newer and better report as to when the COVID-19 pandemic will end and become endemic, dated February 18, 2022 at ABC News:

How and when will the COVID pandemic end? | ABC News

* September 25, 2021 *

1a) Since my last entry on June 14, 2021, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic split into two different paths, one for the vaccinated and the other for the unvaccinated.

1b) For the vaccinated, the news has been very good except for a very small percentage of "break-through" cases. For the unvaccinated, the news has been very bad.

2a) It is not possible to predict what people will do, when free will is involved. Too many people in the U.S.A. have chosen to not get vaccinated.

2b) While the reasons they have given are valid, they are are not good ones. Fair at best, when you consider all of the deaths that have occurred in states with low vaccination rates.

3) I am writing today mainly because of two important news articles that I read recently.

4a) Moderna's CEO Stéphane Bancel said the worldwide pandemic will be over in one year. He said: "As of today, in a year, I assume." That is not what can be seen in the spiritual plane, not even close.

4b) The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic will last for 7 years, since the first person got infected. Also, the COVID-19 coronavirus with all of its variants will become fully contained in 17 to 19 years.

4c) These two scenarios have been fairly steady during the past few weeks in the spiritual plane.

4d) It is also really odd that Moderna's CEO Stéphane Bancel said that the pandemic will end in one year because that is about the time when the ultimate COVID-19 variant will arrive.

4e) Note that is not an estimate, but more like a weather forecast. There are too many variables involved in the evolution of the COVID-19 coronavirus to get a precise time of arrival for the ultimate variant.

4f) One thing for certain, the ultimate COVID-19 variant will evolve from the COVID-19 Delta variant in unvaccinated children.

4g) Also, note that it is impossible for anyone to know how effective any of the current vaccines will be for new COVID-19 variants.

5a) The second news article that I read was about research done in Israel. They found that natural immunity for COVID-19 to be 13 times more effective than immunity via vaccination.

5b) The findings and conclusion reported are generally correct (via spiritual dowsing) and in line with my previous comment about natural immunity.

5c) Note that someone mentioned that the Israeli study does not take into account comorbidities, like immunosuppression.

5d) I would add that no COVID-19 study that I have seen takes into account the health and functionality of each individual person's immune system, which can be graded from 100 to 0%.


Moderna chief executive sees pandemic over in a year - newspaper

Previous Covid Prevents Delta Infection Better Than Pfizer Shot By Michelle Fay Cortez August 27, 2021, 1:38 AM EDT

* June 14, 2021 *

1a) Since my last entry on March 21, 2021, COVID-19 numbers in the USA have dropped to very low levels. So, many state governments and businesses have returned to normal without any COVID-19 restrictions.

1b) It is not premature because current conditions do not warrant any COVID-19 restrictions, but it is premature because another COVID-19 surge in the USA can happen at any time.

2a) Let your guard down and see what can happen.

2b) While COVID-19 conditions improved in the USA over the past few months, they worsen around the world especially in India, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand and Canada. They let their guard down.

3) The improvement in the USA has been reported in the news to be due to mass vaccination. However, it was reported in the news today that there is an outbreak of the Indian Delta COVID-19 variant in Southern China.

4a) That should be HEADLINE NEWS in the USA because many people in China have been fully vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine, which I wrote on February 3, 2021 as being the #5 approved COVID-19 vaccine via spiritual dowsing.

4b) Of course, it should be noted that not everyone in China was fully vaccinated. First, China was reported to have a population of 1.398 billion in 2019. Second, babies and kids were not.

4c) Third, quality control of vaccine production and distribution is always an issue everywhere in the world. Fourth, some people (20% of the population via spiritual dowsing) have weak immune systems, too weak to be immune.

4d) Although the probability of another COVID-19 surge in the USA by December 31, 2021 has dropped to 10% (via spiritual dowsing), it should be noted that protection by vaccines as well as by prior infection is limited in duration.

4e) The exact time and degree of protection varies for each individual person with 3 years being the maximum (via spiritual dowsing). Note that it was reported in 2020 that some people in China got COVID-19 a second time, shortly after recovering the first time.

5a) The current deadliest COVID-19 variant is the B.1.617.2 Indian Delta variant, which has an 18% death rate (without medical help). As I wrote on May 14, 2020, the COVID-19 coronavirus will mutate into its best form that will have a 25% death rate (without medical help).

5b) It is now clear how that worst COVID-19 coronavirus will achieve that 25% death rate. It will do it by killing faster, so fast that some people will not get to the hospital in time.

5c) Second, it will kill children, ages 9 and up with a 22% death rate (without medical help), almost as high as for adults. (all percentages derived via spiritual dowsing)


Delta COVID variant wreaks havoc in Southern China

* March 21, 2021 *

1a) On March 20, 2021, important news was reported by the Wall Street Journal via about the new P.1 variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Brazil, that "rate of death is going up", "young people are dying" and "dying one after another".

1b) This report also mentioned that all ICU beds were filled up and with young adults, and 30s and 40s year old working people. Note that I indicated the COVID-19 coronavirus would become more deadly on May 14, 2020.

1c) This COVID-19 P.1 variant now appears to be more deadly than previous variants at 13% (without medical care like therapeutics and oxygen). (Percentage derived via spiritual dowsing.)

2) During the past week, there was additional bad COVID-19 news about a 3rd wave in Europe. Places in Italy and France have gone back into lock down mode in March 2021.

3a) There is now 72% probability (via spiritual dowsing) of a 3rd wave in the United States of America before the start of Winter 2021, even with President Biden's vaccine plan.

3b) So, it is important for everyone in the USA to practice all safety measures, especially using face masks, social distancing and hand washing. Too many people are not.

3c) About a week ago, Texas and Mississippi lifted all COVID-19 restrictions. There are pros and cons that can be argued about COVID-19 business restrictions and travel restrictions.

3d) However, use of face masks, social distancing and hand washing remain as extremely important things to do in the fight against COVID-19.

4a) In regards to running out of ICU beds in Europe and Brazil again, it is worth noting that a fever is always or 100% of the time a good natural mechanism for the human body to fight viral infections.

4b) The longer and hotter the fever naturally is, then the better or more effective the fever is. Fever will kill all, most or many of the viruses, giving antibodies a better chance in neutralizing the remaining viruses.

4c) Aspirin, ibuprofen and other drugs that reduce fever have increased the need for hospitalization by 25% and deaths by 15% with COVID-19 patients. So, the use of drugs that reduce fever should be avoided during a COVID-19 fever, if the patient can do without it.


Inside Brazil’s Fight Against P.1, a Fast-Spreading Covid-19 Variant | WSJ

* February 3, 2021 *

1) During the past several weeks, vaccines and variants seemed to dominate in COVID-19 news. In regards to that, things to consider.

2a) For people who had COVID-19, immunity to COVID-19 re-infection depends on how the healthy the immune system is. If the immune system is functioning at least at 85% efficacy, then immunity will last at least 16 months.

2b) At 100% level, immunity will last up to 36 months. Also, immunity after recovering from COVID-19 with a healthy (85% and higher) immune system should protect against all COVID-19 variants.

2c) Unfortunately, if the immune system is functioning less than 85%, then the person is subject to reinfection, especially by COVID-19 variants. (all percentages derived via spiritual dowsing)

3a) Over time, superior COVID-19 variant(s) should take over as the dominant COVID-19 variant(s). It has already been reported in the news that some COVID-19 vaccines have less efficacy with the South African COVID-19 variant.

3b) It appears the same is true for all other COVID-19 vaccines. However, mRNA vaccines can be changed (reportedly in "6 weeks") to handle a new variant.

3c) Still, this will significantly decrease the probability of herd immunity mainly via the COVID-19 vaccines down to only 7%.

4) In regards to COVID-19 vaccines, there appears to be six vaccines that are good to use. Congratulations, to the makers. It is a shame that people do not have a choice as to which COVID-19 vaccine to get.

5a) The best COVID-19 vaccines in order are: #1 is a vaccine that has been visualized by a drug manufacturer in the USA, but not yet developed. #2 is by Moderna. #3 is by Novavax.

5b) #4 is by Pfizer-BioNtech. #5 is by Sinopharm. #6 is by AstraZenaca (co-developed with Oxford University). It doesn't make sense to use other vaccines, when these better vaccines are available.

6a) The speed in developing and deploying COVID-19 vaccines was and is critically important in the fight against COVID-19. The first great window opportunity was wasted.

6b) In retrospect, if the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines were rolled out sooner in the Fall of 2020 worldwide, the development of all or most of the COVID-19 variants could have been delayed. It could have been done.

7a) The most important attribute of COVID-19 coronaviruses are their ability to survive. COVID-19 coronaviruses are not going anywhere, until there is herd immunity.

7b) Note that the group of people who are 56 years and younger without comorbidities and who would not need hospitalization if they got COVID-19 currently make up approximately 55% of the worldwide population.

7c) If they were all to contract COVID-19 at the same time and quarantined from others (old and sick people) for 32 days, e.g. during a "Let's catch COVID-19 month" worldwide. Then, you would have 55 of the 70% needed for herd immunity.

7d) Add to that the 8% of the worldwide population that has already gotten COVID-19, then you have 55+8=63%. (all numbers were derived via spiritual dowsing)

* December 13, 2020 *

1a) There is a new #1 most dangerous place to catch COVID-19. Replacing bars at #1 is the outdoors with 20 miles an hour or greater wind. With cold weather, COVID-19 coronaviruses survive for weeks on the ground.

1b) The wind kicks the COVID-19 coronaviruses up into the air, high enough for people to inhale. This does not apply to ground covered with rain water, snow or ice.

1c) Unless you are immune to COVID-19, it is wise to wear a mask outdoors with windy conditions, especially when temperatures fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

* November 22, 2020 *

1) We are still in the early part of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which in all likelihood will run straight through the winter, here in the Northeastern USA.

2) To lessen the severity, eliminate or lessen the top 3 ways or most dangerous places to catch COVID-19: #1 at bars, #2 at social group gatherings, where masks are not worn and #3 at public restrooms, where masks may be removed or lowered.

3) The much talked about and feared restaurant indoor dining is only #8. Also, note that Tacos el Gordo restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada added plexiglass partitions on top of their dining tables. Those type of dividers can help in all other restaurants with indoor dining.

4) On November 11, 2020, CNN reported that new CDC guidelines indicate that "wearing a mask protects others from expelled respiratory droplets, it protects you as well".

5) So, what took the CDC so long to come to that conclusion? It was always common sense that face masks can trap some coronaviruses both ways, going in and out.

6) In regards to face masks, there is still important information that has not been revealed or announced by the CDC. The CDC still recommends that cloth masks be 2 layers thick, with no mention at all about masks that are more than 2 layers thick.

7) Since June 5, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of face masks with at least 3 layers of material including an inner layer of cotton, middle layer of polypropylene (filter) and outer layer of polyester.

8) The many types of face masks that are now available to the public are not all equal in protecting against COVID-19. It appears that the vast majority of people in public have been using one of four types of face masks.

9) The disposable 3-layer non-medical grade face masks (usually, made in China) that are now readily available in supermarkets provide approximately 75% protection, but cannot be washed/dried/reused like cloth masks.

10) The single layer cloth gaiter face masks provide only approximately 40% protection. If folded in half for 2 layers, it will provide the same protection as the very popular 2-layer cloth face masks at 65%. Note that the thickness of threads in the cloth can make a difference.

11) Adding a filter, like a PM2.5 filter (available via Amazon dot com) in between 2-layer cloth face masks can increase protection up to 90%. The smaller the mouth, the greater the protection with filter.

12) The fourth type is the disposable KN95 (not N95) face masks made in China (available via Amazon dot com), with 5 or more layers and shaped to fit a monkey face, and provide very good protection up to 90%. (Note: all percentages were derived via spiritual dowsing)

13) What has not been reported (or reported much) is that everyone's ability to breathe through these masks varies. Also, the same person can even have different breathing speeds and shallow/deep breaths at different times of the days.

14) So, for certain, some people may have breathing problems with face masks made of 3 or more layers of material and possibly, even with the 2-layer cloth face masks.

15) With that in mind, it is possible for most people to improve and strengthen their breathing via "full yogic breathing" or deep belly breathing. Search for that at YouTube to learn how.

16) All of these masks, even the single layer cloth gaiter face masks can help protect a person from catching COVID-19. It all depends on the concentration of COVID-19 coronaviruses that are in the air.


Choosing the best mask to protect you and others, according to new CDC guidelines

* October 20, 2020 *

1) Today, on October 20, 2020, there was a shocking article on ABC News titled "UK launching controversial vaccine trials where volunteers will be infected with the coronavirus".

2) These trials are known as "CHALLENGE TRIALS" that are done in a controlled environment, i.e. under quarantine in a hospital.

3) The article also states "Although some medical experts view them as ethically questionable, the benefit of challenge trials is that they can be completed in a much shorter timeframe than typical late-stage studies.

4) It was/is common sense to have already done these type of challenge trials with all promising COVID-19 vaccines that are being developed, considering how deadly the virus has been and all of the economic damages that have already occurred to date.

5) Note that although the benefit of vaccine challenges trials clearly trumps ethics in the case of COVID-19, it should only be done with volunteers.

6) Furthermore, it would have been reasonable to have done COVID-19 vaccine challenge trials in phase 2 with the very limited number of participants, so that everyone knows the vaccine works to some degree with humans before large, costly and time consuming phase 3 trials.

7) On October 15, 2020, there was an article on CNN titled "Modern aircraft ventilation systems aren't spreading viruses, Dod study suggest." This article mentioned something much more important.

8) It states "Another study documenting a case of suspected coronavirus transmission aboard a flight involved a woman who wore an N95 mask throughout her flight except when she used the lavatory."

9) That study was also reported by Maggie Fox at CNN on August 26, 2020 titled "Woman may have caught coronavirus in airplane toilet, researchers say." Note what I wrote about restrooms on August 6, 2020. Again, keep your mask on when using public restrooms.


* September 21, 2020 *

1) There has been some interesting news during the past 2 weeks. On Sept. 9, 2020, The New York Times published an article titled "How the Coronavirus Attacks the Brain". I would add that as of Sept. 9, COVID-19 has affected the brain in approximately 0.25% (or 1 in 400) of infected patients (with percentage derived via spiritual dowsing).

2) On September 19, 2020, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled "Death Toll From Covid-19 Pandemic Extends Far Beyond Virus Victims". The research mentioned provides evidence of a large number of deaths indirectly due to COVID-19. Worth noting.

3) Today, on September 21, 2020, Reuters reported "Exclusive: Study suggests dengue may provide some immunity against COVID-19". Dengue Fever antibodies can provide 83% protection against COVID-19 coronavirus infection (with percentage derived via spiritual dowsing).

4) Note that dengue (or a very similar disease) was first reported in China during the Jin dynasty (265-420 AD). Dengue has many notable similarities to COVID-19, but is transmitted via infected mosquitoes.

5) A dengue vaccine was approved by the FDA on May 1, 2019 for people ages 9 to 45 and who have previously had at least one dengue infection. Apparently, its safety had been questioned for use by other people.

6) However, is it worth a research study, in particular with some school and/or university as to what the dengue vaccine could do in protecting their students from COVID-19 as well as dengue?

* August 6, 2020 *

1) On July 4, 2020, there were news reports that 239 scientists from over 30 countries say that COVID-19 is airborne via aerosol (as well as droplets). That is correct. Did the CDC have a reason to not report that months earlier or did the CDC not know?

2) On May 26, 2020, I provided a breakdown of COVID-19 transmission rates. BREATHING contaminated AIR from cough and sneezes by those infected - 81.5% Breaking that down now.

3) BREATHING contaminated AIR from cough and sneezes by those infected via droplets- 79% BREATHING contaminated AIR from cough and sneezes by those infected via aerosol- 2.5% as of August 6, 2020 (via spiritual dowsing)

4) With that in mind, a high number of COVID-19 transmissions have occurred in restrooms, especially ones that are used frequently by people.

5) People should use restrooms with extra care by going into them wearing masks and not removing their masks until they are out of the restrooms. Remember that the COVID-19 coronaviruses can stay alive in the air for hours in these places.

* May 26, 2020 *

1) On Friday, May 22, 2020, the CDC issued an update regarding the transmission of COVID-19. Some news sources including FOX News Channel reported it as "CDC Reversal" guidance.

2) The CDC now says the COVID-19 coronavirus is mainly transmitted person-to-person in close proximity and that it "may be possible" for it to be transmitted via surfaces.

3) However, using common sense, we know that the COVID-19 can and has been transmitted via surfaces. One example has been demonstrated by the secondary outbreaks in China.

4) When China reopened Wuhan, it had waited until COVID-19 was extinguished via China's tough draconian methods. Then, unfortunately, some COVID-19 cases have reappeared in Wuhan and elsewhere in China.

5) These new cases were clearly spread not by person-to-person transmission, but via touching COVID-19 contaminated surfaces. It was reported several weeks ago, that the COVID-19 coronavirus was found 17 days later on one of the cruise ships.

6) I would add that the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive up to 26 days under the right conditions (like total darkness, 65 degree F, humidity 42 and perfect pristine air).

7) In regards to the transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus, here is a breakdown of the ways it has been transmitted worldwide up until May 22, 2020 (via spiritual dowsing):

7a) BREATHING contaminated AIR from cough and sneezes by those infected - 81.5%

7b) BREATHING contaminated AIR from talking and exhaling by those infected - 3.5 %

7c) TOUCHING one's own body and/or clothing that was contaminated- 4.0%

7d) TOUCHING contaminated skin of infected people - 2.5%

7e) TOUCHING other contaminated surfaces - 7.0%

7f) OTHER ways including via blood transfusion, shared needles, open wounds (on skin, lips, mouth, etc.) - 1.5%

7g) NOTES: TOUCHING means getting the COVID-19 coronavirus onto a person's finger and then, touching nose (94.5%), eye (5%) or an open wound (0.5%).

8) So, if the May 22nd CDC update message causes people to think that it is unlikely for them to get COVID-19 via "touch", then it will have a similar effect as the CDC message for people "to not wear masks" back on March 2, 2020.

9) Remember that everyone in China was required to wear masks by law by March 2 (and earlier). With that in mind, exactly when did people (esp., health care workers) in Wuhan and elsewhere in China begin wearing masks to not catch COVID-19?


CDC updates COVID-19 transmission webpage to clarify information about types of spread

* May 14, 2020 *

1) There is a lot of false and incorrect information regarding COVID-19 even from experts and other authorities as of May 13, 2020, the day after the Senate hearing of four (out of five) of the nation top covid-19 federal doctors.

2) The experts have stated repeatedly the importance of the COVID-19 data. Yet, all of the numbers are incorrect, mostly being incomplete. As of May 12, 2020, there were approximately 7,000,000 total cases, 700,000 total deaths and 10 percent death rate worldwide.

3) The COVID-19 death rate can eventually increase up to approximately 25 percent (without medical care like therapeutics and oxygen), as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to mutate and evolve into the best version of itself. With medical care, the 25 percent can drop to 15.

4) The medical and scientific community should use all of the above numbers as a frame of reference, in regards to their decision making. They should know that the above numbers, which were derived via spiritual dowsing, make more sense.

5) Unless initial COVID-19 cases are handled properly and with contact tracing, as was done in South Korea's first wave, all that follows becomes a "NO WIN" situation. Opening businesses up in the USA, now or later, is a no-win situation for the President and governors.

6) A bad recession is now likely. A depression, even if only a mild one, is also possible.

7) Sweden did not mitigate and has much more COVID-19 deaths than its neighbors Norway and Finland, but not as bad as in Spain, Italy and France. So, no mitigation is not necessarily bad.

8) However, it will take between 2.5 and 3 years for Sweden to gain herd immunity, with the death rate increasing over that period of time (not taking into account medical care like therapeutics and oxygen).

9) The rate of spread of most respiratory viruses, once it gets out of control, is mostly influenced by housing and workplace density. That is why there is vastly different COVID-19 case and death counts across the USA.

10) If you want everybody in a state to get a respiratory virus as fast as possible, then you would need to bring them all together (preferably, in one enclosed building). If you want to slow down the spread of a virus, then you simply separate everyone as much as possible.

11) MITIGATION WAS UNNECESSARY. The experts failed to use the fact that the spread of the COVID-19 is mostly influenced by housing and workplace density. It would have been better in terms of death count and the economy, if both housing and workplace density was reduced.

12) Instead of spending trillions of dollars in stimulus, the federal government could have spent substantially less money via mandating "SEPARATION", separating large households temporarily into hotels, motels and temporary shelters (like tents in parks and around schools).

13) Businesses could have reduced density in many different ways including work from home, rent additional office or work space, changing worker hours to utilize all 24/7 hours inside their buildings, building temporary work areas in their parking lots and grassy areas, etc..

14) Everyone needs to realize that conducting business with 100% safety in terms of COVID-19 is not possible and not to be expected. Even with testing, a person may test negative at 8am and then, develop a fever at 1pm and begin spewing out COVID-19 coronaviruses like crazy.

15) A vaccine for COVID-19 may never come in time. In theory, a vaccine for COVID-19 is definitely possible. However, it all depends on the talent or luck of the vaccine developers. Also, herd immunity without a vaccine will take at least two and half to three years.

16) Even businesses that are difficult to conduct safely with COVID-19 could have been done in reasonably safe way. In regards to concert/sport events, there could be some fans present safely, spaced 6-feet apart and 12-feet in back of each other with stadium styled seating.

17) Athletes are different. They need COVID-19 testing, immediately before their sporting events start. If an athlete get tested positive for COVID-19, he can and should be placed on Injured Reserve.

18) In regards to movie theatres, seating can be spaced out (as mentioned for sport events) and additional show times added (as was done for the movie Avengers Endgame).

19) In regards to face thermometers, they are over-rated. A fever happens approximately 5 percent of the time a person with COVID-19 is spewing out harmful viruses. However, a person with COVID-19 and a fever is usually most highly contagious by spewing out the most viruses.

20) A face shield as well as a mask would be better for people working in very close contact with others. Governments should insure that each and every worker, who works in close contact with others, has one reusable face shield.

21) In regards to the 6 foot spacing rule, the experts have still not mentioned anything at all about wind and fans. Summer is coming and people will be using fans. Wind (outdoors) and fans (indoors) can blow COVID-19 coronaviruses like you wouldn't believe.

* May 2, 2020 *

There was a very good article in the Washington Post dated 4/30/2020. that everyone should read. It acknowledges the fact that lots of people are still getting infected seven weeks after stay at home orders. Then, it tells the probable reasons why it is still happening.

However, the news article does not mention one very significant way in which people are still getting infected via restaurant take-out food. It is a long story, so I will explains how later.

First, I want to note that I still feel safe shopping at Walmart, Target and supermarkets. Also, I like shopping at Stop & Shop (requiring customers to wear face masks) more than at Shoprite (not requiring masks).

Restaurant drive-thru workers are now getting COVID-19 coronaviruses all over everything. That includes the bag and everything inside the bag, plus beverage containers and lids. You can NOT get COVID-19 by eating food contaminated with COVID-19 coronaviruses.

However, you can get those COVID-19 viruses from the restaurant stuff onto your hands and then, onto the steering wheel, buttons, knobs, touch screen and any other part of the automobile, where those viruses can survive for days.

Don't blame the restaurants and their workers, as it is highly probable that the workers contracted COVID-19 from customers, who had COVID-19 and used their drive-thru. Also, most other types of essential workers have been contracting COVID-19 as well.

All governments need to require all restaurant workers to wear masks. During the first six weeks of stay at home orders, I have gone through at least ten drive-thru restaurant workers, with only one of the workers wearing a mask and gloves and one other wearing gloves only.

You can eat contaminated take-out food safely in your automobile by not touching any car parts until you use a hand sanitizer. Of course, you may not have a hand sanitizer. I have been trying to buy hand sanitizer unsuccessfully since March 1, 2020 ( until this week).

Reference article:

Nearly seven weeks into the shutdown, here’s why so many are still getting sick

* April 5, 2020 *

In regards to a COVID-19 vaccine:
There has to be better and faster ways of producing a vaccine and to mass produce it. What if the COVID-19 pandemic was a pandemic in which everyone who got infected died?

In regards to COVID-19 antibody serum:
Distributed Bio CEO Dr. Jacob Glanville, who successfully created an antibody serum for the SARS coronavirus, has recently announced that they have successfully modified it for the COVID-19. Will available by September. Why so long?

In regards to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin Z-Pak:
During the last three White House briefings on April 3,4 &5, Trump hinted that these two drugs may help those with COVID-19. He even said that he spoke to the prime minister of India on an order for millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Oz reported that studies in China indicated that hydroxychloroquine caused the COVID-19 coronavirus to be excreted out of the patients in 6 days instead of 21.

Trump previously indicated that the clinical trial in New York City would begin on Tuesday, March 24th and then, later on Friday, March 27th. So, is the NYC study complete or not?

( Perhaps, it takes longer than 6 days for the virus to be excreted in some patients. Does it takes 12 days or so for some people? It seems like there are too many positive success stories around the world for all of the anecdotal evidence to be totally false.)

In regards to COVID-19 re-infection:

There was a report yesterday, April 4th that someone in China got re-infected. The medical and scientific community need to give special consideration for people with HIV/AIDS (37.9 million) and other immunodeficiency illnesses, who may not be able to create a sufficient quantity of COVID-19 antibodies, after recovering from COVID-19 and/or a vaccine, to be immune from infection and re-infection. They and they alone can cause the COVID-19 pandemic to linger on.

In regards to COVID-19 being a seasonal virus:
Medical experts have said something as to COVID-19 to likely come back in the Fall, implying that COVID-19 is going away sometime this summer. The COVID-19 coronavirus is different, much more contagious than all previous viruses.

So, why do they assume that it will behave like other seasonal viruses? The COVID-19 virus was spreading in Australia, during its summer season. COVID-19 has been active in New Orleans, which has been experiencing summer like temperatures. So, this is an "all-season virus".

It seems like COVID-19 is just as likely to go away this winter worldwide, about one year after it first appeared, than for it to magically go away this summer. That is unless the world gets a vaccine and "herd immunity" sooner.

In regards to ventilators:
Up until yesterday, April 4, 2020, New York City had enough ventilators to use, yet over 3,500 people still died of COVID-19 there. Moreover, even if a COVID-19 patient is put on a ventilator, there is only approximately 27% chance of survival. So, everyone should keep that it mind, while barking for thousands and millions of ventilators, that cost about $30,000 each.

There is a COVID-19 patient who recovered, needing only extra oxygen (not a ventilator). With that in mind, on March 27, 2020, I read an article that the Dyson vacuum cleaner and hand dryer company designed a new ventilator named "CoVent" and can make them efficiently and QUICKLY, at least 15,000 of them. Why haven't governments gotten all of the other vacuum companies around the world to make the CoVent?

( A vacuum maker's ventilator can be better than no ventilator at all. Also, remember the great GM automaker said at one time that they could only make 6,000 ventilators for $1Billion.)

* March 20, 2020 *

It is now Friday March 20, 2020 and feels like the right time for me to write my first blog entry in (founded in 2005). Headline news is about the coronavirus COVID-19, which was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. This will probably be the worst "bad event" in my current lifetime. The number of deaths in Italy have just surpassed those in China. My own forecast for New York City, one of the current hotspots, with a dense population over 8M is really bad. I have 3 comment/questions.

1) Many medical experts have been predicting a shortage of medical personnel, face masks, gloves and other protective equipment. I have a suggestion.

Take and quarantine all medical and RN school students, who are in their senior year and about to graduate. Then, give them the COVID-19 coronavirus. In 2 to 3 weeks, they should all be recovered and safe to help treat COVID-19 patients without any medical protective equipment.

2) In China, everyone is required to wear a face mask. The Chinese police are even enforcing it. They also spray disinfectant into the air in some public places. See video at titled Coronavirus in China | DW Documentary

It has been reported that the COVID-19 coronavirus in cough and sneeze droplets can remain suspended in the air, depending on heat and humidity as well as exist in the air for 3 hours. That implies the possibility that this virus can be contracted by simply breathing it in.

In the USA, almost no one is wearing a face mask while in public. At , it says "CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19." Who is doing it right, China or USA?

3) Because of the enormous death toll and economic losses worldwide, it is common sense and mandatory for human beings to find the truth and real cause of this COVID-19 pandemic, so that we can prevent it from happening again.

It is troubling that some experts have theorized that the virus was created as a bio-weapon for bio-warfare. Since that is a possibility, all nations need to unite to find out exactly what happened in China. Why did China first try to cover up or hide this COVID-19 problem.

I also do not like the fact that Iran had one of the first deaths due to COVID-19, outside of China. Who exactly brought the COVID-19 coronavirus to Iran, South Korea and Italy?


Detailed COVID-19 counts and graphs are available at

Master Blogs at

Added May 14, 2020 -
I recently came across two outstanding VBLOGS, both being travel guides: which is also at Fly Drive Explore at by Marcus & Mellissa which is also at A LOCAL'S GUIDE TO NYC & THE WORLD at by Sarah Funk and Luis

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